Things you were missing in your IDE is here | Meet the all new JCppEdit v3.8

IDE If I ask you how many Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you have installed on your computer right now?

Let me count, ONE for C and C++, but you need to have that one, best IDE for Java also, alright so it’s TWO. And, what about the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the whole web section? Well, then it must be THREE! The list will go on. Let’s cut off the counting game and move on the other side of the story.
I won’t ask you the lame questions like how much your loved IDEs are using your computer’s processor space. Rather I would like to know, how long it takes to settle down with your desired settings of coding with plug-ins and all? Does it have autosave option which can save your every single keystroke? Can your IDE detect errors in real time? Do it indent long maze of codes for you? I can ask this questions all day long, some of the answers might bring a smile on your face, but I am sure that most of the answers will only reflect your own distress.

What is the catch?

We are into to an age where technology is bringing a whole new renaissance into our world. And computer programming and programmers are leading it from the very front. So if you are just a budding programmer, having a big dream about your programming career. Then you must look for an IDE where you can give your best in learning rather than the exaggeration of the IDE itself. You should have an IDE on which you can rely on every position.


Here is a video tutorial from JCppEdit’s YouTube page.  We are showing how you can work with various types of files at a time with the IDE. I won’t tell you much. If you give yourself this span of 8.9 minutes and watch this carefully enough, you will realize what you were missing till now. You will know that JCppEdit is the IDE you always wanted. Yes, the time has come to embrace the new era of IDE with JCppEdit. The best a learner can get.

Happy Coding 🙂

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  1. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Happy coding 🙂

  2. Komal says:

    nice post.. keep up

  3. this is very good post & thanks for sharing post .

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