A journey to be the best IDE for students. (2018)

2018: The Road Map to become the best IDE for students.

the best IDE for students

It was quite a year. 2017 gave us a wing to go beyond our imagination. It proved to us that if we keep up the hard work and stick to our vision of becoming the best IDE for students, then there must not be any force who can stop us from that.

It was back on July 24th that we released our latest version of JCppEdit, v3.8. From then to now, it is 10 days past in 2018, we must say that we are taken aback by the success of our software. In this short span of time without any external marketing effort the IDE reached to hundreds of people around the globe. Thanks for the love you shared. And that brings us to the point where we had to share with you our primary directions for rest of the 2018 in general and the road map for v4 in particular. Here are the things you will find new in JCppEdit in 2018.


The best IDE software for students in making!


1) Include Bootstrap: We are going to include Bootstrap in our coming few updates of the software. Bootstrap will help users to create a website swiftly.


2) Inbuilt Browser: An inbuilt browser is coming soon in our Integrated Development Environment. A user will be able to view their web page directly in the inbuilt browser, which will save time and increase efficiency.


 3) New Color Picker: A brand new advanced color picker is there to join the party. Developers will be able to pick colors more quickly while web development and, create colors more effectively.


4) Compile Entire Project Option: Till now programmers can only compile one program at a time. But the time is not so far, that programmer will be able to compile an entire project file altogether. Which will be a big help for C++, Java programming.


5) PHP Support: Last but not the least, the much-awaited update of PHP language is coming in 2018. Now one can create an excellent dynamic website with the IDE JCppEdit.

We would also like to focus more on performance, especially on your user experience while typing. We’ll dedicate the next release cycle to fixing IDE freezes.

You can pitch in, too!

As always we would like to hear from you. Please write us in Feedback for any suggestion or request you have for us.


Note: These are a preliminary plan; we cannot guarantee that all of the features listed above will be included in JCppEdit v4.

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