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JCppEdit v3.8.5 is your one-stop IDE for all your coding needs. Whether you need to finish your Java project or submit your first HTML web page or perhaps have a need to code in C language while executing a java program into a Java IDE, JCppEdit v3.8.5 will help you achieve your goals easily. Designed to store and execute codes from all programming language simultaneously, JCppEdit v3.8.5’s efficiency in executing long codes and handling multiple tasks in many tabs without lag makes it arguably one of the best IDE. The programming languages that can be compiled and executed include; C language, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Java applet, C++ graphics. Also, you can edit any programming language including the text files you want, with its amazing features.


How it works

Here is a quick video for you to learn how to make use of JCppEdit v3.8.5.

console emulator

Console Emulator

Console Emulator gives you a unique programming experience by modifying your console screen.

run with one click

Run It With One Click

Now you can run your program whenever you want with just one click run option for all the languages.

beautify code


No more puzzles between the long mazes of codes. JCppEdit reformat codes for easy access.

Exploring project and detection of errors

Exploring your project and detecting an error in your code is much easier with the IDE tools on JCppEdit v3.8.5. Real-time error detection makes this programming IDE much smarter. You will not waste time detecting errors before compiling codes because you will get a real-time notification whenever you are making any mistake in your C, C++, Java, Java Applet, C++ Graphics codes. You can also create multiple projects, delete, rename, cut and copy multiple files and folders in your project using project explorer.

with jcppedit

Tools are our weapons!

    JCppEdit v3.8.5 comes with some outstanding set of tools...
  • Calculator - To do any kind of calculation while working.
  • Color Picker - To choose any color to use in web designing.
  • Image Viewer - To view an image present in your project folder.
  • Fastone Capture - To take screen shots of any portion of your screen.
  • ConEmu - To use as a Console Terminal for executing DOS commands.

Let's have a look at the features

  • Comes with inbuilt WinBGIm version 6.0 (Borland BGI Graphics emulation), TDM GCC 32bit Compiler v5.1.0 and Borland 32bit Compiler v5.5.
  • Auto Save (save changes automatically while typing).
  • You can work with C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and more.
  • Can compile, debug and run C, C++ and Java files.
  • Syntax Highlighting for C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.
  • Can manage the Project Folder through Project Explorer efficiently. You can cut, copy, paste, rename, create a new folder, create new C, C++, Java, and Header Files.
  • Most Recently Used files list.
  • Most Recently Used project list.
  • Print as well as export files in Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format.
  • Paste from history option
  • Reformat Code for beautification.
  • Run file along with command line parameters.
  • Full-Screen Viewing Option.
  • Inbuilt ASCII Table.
  • Line Bookmark Option.
  • Line Highlight Option while typing on the current line.
  • Autocomplete feature to code faster.
  • Console Emulator for working with DOS Terminal.
  • Tool menu that contains some useful tools (Calculator, Color Picker, Image Viewer, FastStone Capture and Console Terminal).
  • Background compilation for C, C++, and Java for live error detection while you code.
  • Open multiple files by dragging over the IDE.

Do more.

If you are looking for a hassle-free, coding experience, then JCppEdit v3.8.5 is the best option for you. The smooth interface and lightning speed of the IDE will immerse you in the world of programming language. It's innovative design and fluid interface makes learning simple and helps you to do more work in less time.

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