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System Requirements

Operating System
Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10
Minimum 256 MB
Hard Disk Space
580 MB

Changelog News

  • It's now freeware. You don't have to purchase any license for it.
  • Added new style file dialog window.
  • Added new color dialog window.
  • Modified code coloring syntax.
  • Fixed some minor issues.
  • Fixed an issue for horizontal and vertical scroll bar.
  • Fixed memory leak problem in certain cases.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • Added support for yearly subscription to reduce the price of the software.
  • Added New File Dialog window for inserting new file in your project.
  • Added support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and Text file.
  • Added Borland Compiler back to compiler list. Now you can select between MinGW and Borland Compiler for programming.
  • Added autocomplete feature to code faster.
  • Added console emulator for working with DOS Terminal.
  • Added Close Selected, Duplicate, Copy Path and Rename file options under context menu of file tab window.
  • Added Tool menu that contains some useful tools.
  • Added Reformate code for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML file.
  • Added Auto Reformat code while you type in C, C++ and Java files.
  • Added Background compilation for C, C++, and Java for live error detection while you code.
  • Added auto detection of C++ Graphics file, so no need to choose Enable Graphics option from Environment Menu before compilation.
  • Added HTML comment under Comment Code Block option.
  • New improved project explorer window for better project handling.
  • Improved Memory Resource utilization for smooth working for large files.
  • Fixed an issue for not able to run C, C++ and Java program under Windows XP Operating System.
  • Few bugs fixed.
  • Removed Borland 5.5 Compiler. Added TDM GCC 32bit Compiler version 5.1.0.
  • Added WinBGIm version 6.0 (Borland BGI Graphics emulation) for graphics programming.
  • Added Linker Parameters option for MinGW Compiler under Environment Menu.
  • Now you can execute multiple file simultaneously.
  • Better code folding feature.
  • New status bar with Total Lines, Current Line, Col, CAPS Lock and NUM Lock information.
  • Added Change Case feature under Edit Menu.
  • Few bugs fixes.
  • Minor improvements done.
  • Now you can load multiple project under project explorer.
  • Removed SAP Crystal Reports. Added New improved printing module for faster reporting.
  • Export File option added under File Menu.
  • Close Project option added under Project Explorer context menu.
  • Some minor improvements done.
  • Comes with inbuilt Borland 5.5 Compiler.
  • Comes with inbuilt C/C++ reference.
  • Comes with inbuilt J2SE7 reference.
  • Comes with inbuilt JDK7 (Update 7).
  • Can compile and run both C/C++ and Java file.
  • Syntax Highlighting for C, C++ and Java.
  • Line Numbers.
  • Auto Save feature.
  • Can work with C, C++ and Java files from this single IDE.
  • Can work with Project Folder that contains C, C++ or Java files at a time.
  • Can manage the Project Folder through Project Explorer efficiently.
  • Most Recently Used files list.
  • Most Recently Used project list.
  • Print as well as export files in Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format.
  • Reformat Code for beautification.
  • Run file along with command line parameters.
  • Full Screen Viewing Option.
  • Inbuilt ASCII Table.
  • Line Bookmark Option.
  • Line Highlight Option while typing on the current line.